About the Foundation

Hope to make true the dreams of a brighter future.

The Gerald Tanaka Khosa Foundation (GTKF) focuses on excellence in education and sports for under privileged youth.

Gerald‘s legacy is his generosity of spirit and love of sport. As such, this foundation seeks to see progress for young Zimbabweans through academics and sport.  We believe that sport is more than exercise; it is a tool for personal development and joy.

Specifically, the foundation will:

  • provide educational support in the form of tutoring and extra lessons for those students that excel in sports but need help academically

  • provide coaching, access to training facilities for the great academics with sport potential

  • provide trophies and prizes at selected schools for the best student athletes, as well as the for the best athlete students

  • provide additional student services including career counseling and leadership training

  • continue to track and support GTKF scholars and encourage them to give back as Gerald Tanaka Khosa would have done

  • On an as needed basis, the foundation will also provide financial assistance to cover tuition, room and board, books, stationery, uniforms, sports equipment and in some cases pocket money for the GTKF scholars.

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