About Tanaka

To begin to write about the amazing life that was Gerald Tanaka Khosa is like to attempt to unravel an intricate tapestry that wove together many lives with smiles and laughter. This boy, this young man led an extremely colorful life that touched the unexpected. His great big heart from his human size body found room to love completely, everyone he knew, from the little ones that looked up to him, the less fortunate he volunteered for, his friends across the globe who have memories a mile high of him, to his teachers and coaches and family.

Larger than life this young man was.

As a kid he was fearless! He knew no limits and he refused to let anyone dim his light, a mentality he lived up until the very end. He met his challenges head on. He listened and learned, but in that, he was always true to himself so he asked questions, at times hard questions. He was always respectful but never pacified.

Gerald was hard-wired with resilience, not everyone could have faced the challenges he met and prospered. He was able to adapt and re-invent himself countless times, always adorning that trademark smile of his!

He was not a ‘fly-by-night-guy’, he was larger than life! He was our “Once in a lifetime!


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